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2020-01-23 21:00

Khng ging nh nhng h thng Wiki khc ti WebMoney Wiki ngi dng WebMoney Transfer vi mc nh danh thp nht l Personal v c ch s kinh doanh ln hn 10 mi c th thc hin vit hay thay i nhng bi vit ti y.WebMoney, is an online payment settlement system. The company was founded in November 1998 in Russia as a money transfer system for United States dollars, in the wake of the 1998 Russian financial crisis that had led to increased US dollar use in Russia. webmoney keeper classic wiki

WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) is one of the possible methods for managing WM purses and working with the WebMoney Transfer system. This application is implemented as a client software program installed on a users computer. WM Keeper WinPro (Classic) supports Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003 Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

This Wiki is dedicated to WebMoney Transfer. Keeper WinPro (Classic) A standalone MSWindows application to manage WebMoneypurses Sep 09, 2018 WebMoney Keeper WinPro (Classic). 12. WebMoney incorporates an instant messaging system as well as a way to send out bills and to extend credit. It is also possible to protect a payment with a password; the payment is withdrawn from the payer's account and added to the payee's account, but cannot be redeemed unless the password is known.webmoney keeper classic wiki Purse Management Keeper WinPro (Classic) Keeper WinPro (Classic) Program for MS Windows MS Windows. Access is accomplished through the use of a private key. The key can be stored in a file or in a protected ENUM storage. Usage of trademarks WEBMONEY and WEBMONEY TRANSFER by site owners is authorized by the trademark owners.

This Wiki is dedicated to WebMoney Transfer. For initial registration with the WebMoney system, you will need to provide reliable information about yourself and other personal information. After the initial registration is completed, you will be allocated with WM Keeper Standard (Mini) ewallets (purses). You can get access to WM Keeper of other types, WM Keeper Classic, Light or Mobile by: webmoney keeper classic wiki Puedes agregar tus artculos a Wiki! For full access to WebMoney Transfer Wiki you need to login with your WM Keeper. You can then subscribe for notifications about changes in articles and edit them yourself, etc. Of course, you don't need to login just to read the articles. Keeper WinPro (Classic) Keeper WinPro is a program designed to manage purses and work with the WebMoney system. While newbies prefer Keeper Standard, more experienced users opt for Keeper WinPro. Keeper WinPro is uploaded on the PCs with Windows OS: XP SP3, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. A personal key is used to enhance security. WebMoney Keeper WinPro. WebMoney Keeper WinPro WebMoney Advisor.

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