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All of them are ship's officers: chief or first mate, second mate and third mate. The third mate aboard a U. S. merchant vessel assists the ship's captain and supervises the ship's crew. Third mate is the lowest of the four merchant officer categories, so pay would fall at the lower end of the range. Qualifications for Navy Captains2nd Officer Work Onboard, Salary, Promotion and How to Become 2nd Officer June 7, 2014 April 1, 2016 Ashish S 2 Comments Life at Sea, Officer in Merchant Navy 2nd Officer or 2nd Mate is the next promotion that you get after 3rd Officer. merchant navy 2nd officer salary

In Merchant Navy, the salary of the officers can be range from thousand to lakhs based on their capabilities. Life in Merchant Navy: To survive with the Merchant Navy officer is not too easy.

A second mate (2nd Mate) or second officer (2O) is a licensed member of the deck department of a merchant ship holding a Second Mates Certificate of Competency, which is issued by the administration. The second mate is the third in command (or on some ocean liners fourth) and a watchkeeping officer, customarily the ship's navigator. My partner works as a second office in the merchant navy and his annual salary is 60. 000 he does however specialise and works within the oil industry.merchant navy 2nd officer salary Salary in merchant navy as Deck Officer. Chief Mate gets in between, . Again as per the other factors involved like experiences etc. Captain or master gets a salary package in between as per experience. Merchant Navy Salary depends on

Depends on nationality as far as Indians are concerned it ranges from completely depends upon company and type of ship. Depending upon your experience, type of ship, company etc. merchant navy salary depends on various factors like companies, type of vessel, rank, etc. merchant navy 2nd officer salary Nov 20, 2018 Answer Wiki. Salary is okay in merchant navy Depends upon the company In Merchant Navy, the salary can range from anywhere between Rs. to Rs. 8 lakhs per month though the pay structure differ from company to company, city to city, the exportimport needs, seniority etc. All crew members and officers are given free meals on board How can the answer be improved? Salary in merchant navy as Deck Officer 3rd Deck Officer gets around where as 2nd Deck Officer gets as their salary. Chief Mate gets in between, and Captain or master gets a salary package in between. AVERAGE SALARY IN MERCHANT MARINE: 62, 000. The average salary given above is an average of all ranks in United States Merchant Marine, now lets have a look on the salary earned by the Merchant Marine Officers, in order of their respective ranks. Third Officer Fourth Engineer: 39, 000. Second OfficerThird Engineer: 51, 000.

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