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2019-12-10 02:07

The call moneysex racket rocked the Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Thursday even as scores of victims of the extortionist practice many of them women thronged police stations across theOn December 12, the Andhra Pradesh police arrested several people associated with a call money scheme. Several politicians are associated with the scam and the moneylenders involved in the scandal coerced women borrowers to become call girls to repay the loan amount. Around 15 years back call money racket andhra pradesh

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) seems to be trying to make its presence felt in the Capital region by issuing a press release on call moneycumsex racket. The Left wing extremism in Krishna dis

Visakhapatnam: Promoters of two private finance companies were detained today in Visakhapatnam in connection with the infamous call money racket, police said. The Visakhpatnam police also seized A call money market in Andhra Pradesh 5 min read. the state government has ordered a judicial probe into the socalled call money racket that came to light when a woman in Vijayawada,call money racket andhra pradesh An unscrupulous call money operator in Vijayawada demanded sexual favours from a woman borrower for failing to repay her loan in time. The infamous call money racket in which gullible women are lured into sexual exploitation, is the latest problem confronting the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Mr N Chandrababu Naidu.

Read more about The story behind Andhra's call money racket on Business Standard. Under call money, loans are offered on calls at a very high interest rate ranging between 60 and 200 call money racket andhra pradesh Dec 18, 2015 The Call Money racket takes a deadly turn in Andhra Pradesh. Dec 17, 2015 A massive blackmail, extortion and sex racket linked to call money has been exposed in Andhra Pradesh, in which 80 people from different political parties have been arrested. Andhra Pradesh has been rocked by the 'call money sex' scandal which has seen a lot of political leaders being dragged into it. There have been allegations that many Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leaders are involved in the racket. But what is a call money scam? Call money is a loan racket and is very The Andhra Pradesh government has ordered a judicial probe into what has been dubbed the call money racket. Call money is a loan that is literally a phone call away, with money delivered at one

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