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The GW Panther cannot excel in the role of a tank destroyer, as the Hummel did due to its size and lack of gun depression, but it can do the job in an emergency. The GW Panther is decently mobile for a tier 7 SPG, which gives the player a chance to relocate in the event of detection. Or use Microsoft Login to enter WoT XBOX ecosystem. Log in.If you inspect the GW Tiger WoT model, the rectangular dish is attached to the slide on which the entire gun is mounted. Bongo2296 has it right. But alternatively, when the gun is not dismounted, it can double as a recoil brace. The GW Panther HAS 360 degree transverse but with the fighting platforms up, like the FlaK Bus, it limits wot gw panther money

Aug 23, 2013 GW Panther, is it worth it? posted in General Discussion: Ive been going down more arty lines lately and I kinda want a nice tier 7 arty for the final piece in my collection. Is the GW Panther worth the grind? Is the mobility up to par with a normal Panther? Is it considered over powered like the M5355?

Development of an SPG on the chassis of the Pz. Kpfw. VIB Tiger II started in 1942. The project called for designing a common selfpropelled gun carriage for the 17 Feb 16, 2014 Okay well I have fully upgraded the Gw Panther now and I really like it, its actually really nice to be able to rain the pain on T29's when they are dug in trying to hull down against my teammates. And it actually can hurt higher tiers as well which is great, so roll on the GW Tiger (P).wot gw panther money Jan 31, 2018 Helping my team with lowtier arty 3 kills, 1529 dmg, 817 stun dmg Battle results Tundra map, patch.

Dec 20, 2017  WoT, GW Panther, Pilsen Grille 15 13K damage WITHOUT GOLD AMMO WoT Gameplay Best Replays World of Tanks 155, 810 views. 15: 42. The best nonpremium money makers World of Tanks wot gw panther money The G. W. Tiger (P) is very different from its predecessor, the G. W. Panther. The G. W. Tiger (P) is significantly less mobile, while gun performance is more about damage than accuracy. The outstanding feature of the G. W. Tiger (P) is its lack of mobility.

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