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Collectors keep the past alive, especially through collecting paper money. Most popular U. S. issues can be easily divided into distinct types: Colonial, Private Bank Notes (popularly called Broken Bank Notes ), Confederate and Southern States Notes, and large and smallsize federal issues.Confederate Currency. During the Civil War, the Confederate states attempted to solve their vast financial problems by issuing their own paper money. Issued into circulation in 1861, the currency ran through 1864. Notes were printed in denominations of 0. 50, 1. 00, 2. 00, 5. 00, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 collecting confederate paper money

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Values of Old Confederate Money Values of Old Confederate Paper Money Confederate paper money is very collectible in today's market especially if the money is rare andor in perfect condition. Brief history on CSA paper money and grading system for all currency. Specializing in buying and selling confederate currency with extra attention given to new collectors. Welcome To CSA Notes, established in 2001, where we buy and sell GENUINE CONFEDERATE andcollecting confederate paper money Obsolete Currency Confederate Currency I use the traditional or collector grading described in Collecting Confederate Paper Money as well as third party grading with my modifying stickers indicating superior notes plus, choice and gem for the grade.

Confederate paper money was printed between 1861 and 1864. A general rule of thumb is that the earlier currency issues are worth more than later issues. The confederate currency guide below shows a picture and a link to more information about each issue. collecting confederate paper money May 27, 2012 Collecting Supplies. Books& Supplies. How to Collect Confederate Paper Money Video. How to Collect Confederate Paper Money Video. By. CoinWeek May 28, 2012. Share on Facebook. 73 rows  Confederate States dollar. As the war began to tilt against the Confederates, confidence in Pierre Fricke s 2008 Collecting Confederate Paper Money book stimulated my interest and enjoyment of the hobby. This book is designed for the needs of the 21st century collector helping me make better collecting decisions.

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