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Other Money Market Funds. For UBS Select, PACE and RMA Government Funds and UBS Select Treasury Funds You could lose money by investing in the Fund. Although the Fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at 1. 00 per share, it cannot guarantee it will do so. An investment in the Fund is not insured or guaranteed byUBS mutual funds. The UBS Funds are managed by the investment management teams of UBS Asset Management (Americas) Inc. , who adhere to a consistent and disciplined investment philosophy. These mutual funds address a wide range of investor needs and include traditional equity and fixed income funds, asset allocation, quantitative, global and specialty funds. ubs money market funds chf

UBS: Umbrella UBS (CH) Money Market Fund: Fund Base Currency CHF: Share Class Currency CHF: Share Class Distribution Policy Acc. UBS (CH) Money Market Fund CHF INSTITUTIONAL (CH ) Identifiers. Fund Name

UBS (Lux) Money Market Fund CHF Pacc. Money Market Fund CHF Distribution Policy Accumulation Home Country Luxembourg Issuing Condition The fund management company andor distributor charges an issuing commission (different commissions can be charged for the same fund depending on the sales channel) The chart shows how frequently the fund's 3M return is positive or negative. Each bar is an observation period (the fund's return over the past 3M, at month's end). The performance data shown in tables and graphs on this page is calculated in GBX of the fundindexaverage (as applicable), on a Bidubs money market funds chf UBS Asset Management offers a suite of institutional and retail money market funds invested in highquality, shortterm, US dollardenominated money market instruments. Funds strive to maximize current income consistent with liquidity and the preservation of capital. Updates. UBS US Money Market Funds Presidents Holiday Schedule

UBS (Lux) Money Market Fund CHF Pacc. The Morningstar Star Rating for Stocks is assigned based on an analyst's estimate of a stocks fair value. It is projectionopinion and not a statement of fact. Morningstar assigns star ratings based on an analysts estimate of a stock's fair value. Four components drive the Star Rating: (1) ubs money market funds chf UBS RMA Government Money Market Fund 50 157 274 616 This example does not reflect the above referenced program fees. Principal strategies Principal investments The fund is a money market fund and seeks to maintain a stable price of 1. 00 per share. To do this, the The aim of the Fund is to achieve continuous earnings, while giving due consideration to capital security and the liquidity of the Fund s assets. No assurance can be given that the investment The fund invests via target funds in money market instruments denominated in CHF and bonds from domestic Swiss issuers. Address UBS (CH) Institutional Funds Aeschenvorstadt 48 UBS (CH) Money Market Fund CHF is an openend fund incorporated in Switzerland. The objective of the Fund is to obtain a good longterm performance consistent with the performance of the Swiss

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