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Half the deployed were 2534 years old at the end of 2010 (about 72 were 2544 years old), with approximately equal proportions either under 25 years old or 45 years old or older. The proportions of those 2534 years old by branch ranged from about 45Aug 16, 2013 Pretty short and to the point, but does anyone know the average length of deployment for someone in the army? I plan to see some recruiters soon for the different branches of the military, and I am trying to decide who to go to first. US Army Deployment lengths? Retired military officer. Don H 6 years ago. 2. Thumbs up. 0 army officer deployment length

Soldiers Deploy Frequently. Keep in mind that administrative jobs do deploy, just not quite as often as combat or combat support jobs. The average Army deployment rate can range from 12 months deployed, followed by 12 months at home station assignment, to 12 months deployed

Length of Deployment. Combat Deployment: A combat deployment is when a unit is moved to a designated hostile zone, which may involve attacks from the enemy. The length of these deployments varies depending on the needs of the military, but can't be longer than two years due to a presidential mobilization order. Military Operations Army Deployment and Redeployment Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC 12 November 2014 Military Operations Army Deployment and Redeployment Army Regulation Effective 12 December 2014 B. Unit Movement Officer Deploymentarmy officer deployment length Deployment phase. The deployment phase of the cycle begins with the physical movement of individuals and units from their home installation to the designated theater of operations.

During deployment, all your military, medical and leadership training comes into play. The frequency of your deployments will depend on your military Service, your specialty and the needs of the nation. The length of deployments can range from three to 12 months. army officer deployment length Jan 21, 2019  Answer Wiki. 28 Answers. , former Firefinder Radar Operator 13R at U. S. Army ( ) Deployment length of time is usually twelve months, but back when I was in, the Defense Department had shortened the deployments to ten months Sep 22, 2009 When we deploy as individual augmentees, these deployments vary in length from six to 12 months. It depends on how long you are needed in a given position to help out a deployed unit. Most of these deployments (by percentage) are officers. The same is true for NG units. Source(s): 24 years active Army service. Deployment is a common concern among Active duty and Reserve soldiers and their families alike. Get the facts about Army deployment, contract lengths and resources for your child.

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