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2020-01-23 19:24

Texas cop shot in face, continues pursuing gunman Officer Ann Carrizales, a former marine and 'top cop' winner, didn't let a bullet to the face stop her By Cindy George57 Raw Video: Police Officer Gets Shot in the Face, Pursues Fleeing Suspects Notes: Video begins after Officer Ann Carrizales reports in after being injured. Carrizales catches up to them at the 1: 30 mark, and gets close enough that the suspects continue shooting at her at the 4: 40 mark. officer carrizales shot in face

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Oct 15, 2014 Officer Ann Carrizales was shot in the face in 2013 during a traffic stop outside Houston, but continued to chase the suspect down. (NBC) The other bullet struck her protective vest. Nov 01, 2013  Texas police officer Ann Carrizales took two bullets at pointblank range including one to the face during an early morning traffic stop last Saturday. Yet she still went after the bad guys.officer carrizales shot in face It was LIFE CHANGING to hear Officer Ann Carrizales share her experience with us yesterday. She was shot in the face& chest while on a traffic stop& IS the de finition of relentless. Officer Carrizales spoke candidly about overcoming the hardest struggle: the aftermath beyond the aftermath.

Shot in face, cop chased suspects 'because I am a mom Carrizales was hit twice: once in the cheek and once in the bulletproof vest that most likely saved her life. She fired back at the car as it sped off, shattering its rear window. Then, bleeding and in pain, she got into her squad car and gave chase. officer carrizales shot in face Stafford police officer shot in face during traffic stop shares story. Sergio Francisco Rodriguez, opened fire and shot Carrizales in the face at pointblank range. Police said he also shot Officer Ann Carrizales is a former Marine who was even honored by President Obama for her bravery in the line of duty during the 2013 incident in which a suspect shot her twice, including in the face. Carrizales with the Stafford Police Department stopped to speak with three men in a car after 3: 30 a. m. Saturday. While questioning the driver, a passenger shot her twice. Lt. Dusting Claborn told KTRKTV Carrizales was shot in the face and the chest. Carrizales returned fire as she backed away toward her own car for cover, and the suspects fled. On October 26, 2013, during a vehicle stop, Officer Carrizales found herself in a gunfight for her life. Shot in the face and chest, Ann was not going to quit. She shares her story with us in our Female Enforcers course and has become a role model and inspiration to Law Enforcement Officers

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