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2020-01-20 18:45

Tipping. Taxis Drivers won't expect a tip, but it's fine to round the fare up to reward special service. Hotels Tip cleaning staff 3 to 5 lei per night or 20 lei per week to reward good service. In luxury hotels, tip doormen and concierges 5 to 10 lei for special assistance as warranted. Personal services Tip hairdressers and other services around 10.Answer 1 of 3: Hi All I am taking my partner and 6 year old daughter to Romania for Three days for my partners 40th next week and we have 900 Leu to spend whilst there, we are going self catering so will be eating out for all meals do you think this will be spending money bucharest

Hi everyone, I'm travelling to Bucharest in April for 4 days and would like to know how much spending money I should take with me. In the day time, I intend to do typical tourist stuff like visit museumsgalleries or go shopping. At night, I intend to go out for dinner and go to a barclub for a few drinks and to party.

Answer 1 of 2: Going to the city for 3 nights. Can anyone suggest roughly how much currency to take to spend there on food and drink and public transport for the 3 days. Is everything cheaper compared to western standards? Spending money for 4 days in Bucharest. Just some examples for those who will be in a rush to criticize my post: a bottle of wine at restaurant day bar is likely 30 lei, a beer is 78 lei, a bottle of water is 5 lei, a coffee is 5 lei minimum. If you intend to go by night in some pubsclubs youspending money bucharest We (a couple) will be spending 4 full days around BorsaViseu, a day traveling to Brasov (car) and then 4 full days in Brasov and Sinaia area. I m just looking at how much money per day (average) we will need.

Jun 06, 2016 That's about 18 a day going on exchange rate when we were there in April may not be enough but I like to eat and drink in robertos (hilt on bucharest ) and have a few beers etc a beer was 10 I to 15 Ron in old town I'd take at least 250 Ron per day but each to their own. spending money bucharest Mar 15, 2014 Spending money for 4 days in Bucharest. As for the currency exchangeexchange office, there is a money currency shop down the road from my house and I went in this week to speak to them about getting Romanian lei and they gave me a decent deal (other places would only accept a minimum of 400 to be converted). Answer 1 of 5: I've had a look around on tripadvisor and haven't been able to find an answer. I've already booked my hotel, flights and transfers so that is sorted but I am wondering how much spending money I'll need for 3 days in Bucharest (Friday Romania information regarding travel and entry requirements and formalities, money matters and currency exchange, customs, travel with pets. Brochures, maps and assistance for visitors are offered by RomaniaTourism. Cost of Living in Bucharest, Romania (Spending Report) Even though I paid for the above, I only spent 26. 16 per day when you dont include accommodations. Below is my spending

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