Sudo apt-get install libreoffice-help-de

2020-01-20 18:08

sudo: stands for superuser do, means asking for root permission. apt: apt stands for advanced packaging tool, and is a package manager for debiandebian based flavours. aptget: aptget allows to download the package. install: install package. , would be some package name which you are going to download.sudo aptget install ppapurge& & sudo ppapurge ppa: libreofficeppa. Tagged with: LibreOffice office. Previous: The Alpha 2 of Ubuntu 17. 04 Zesty Zapus Released. Next: KDE Plasma Desktop 5. 9 Released. About ml. ml is a part time stayathome dad who've been using Ubuntu Desktop for a few years. He writes in the free time and wishes to share sudo apt-get install libreoffice-help-de

For Ubuntu users, first run. aptcache search libreofficehelp Decide which particular language you want from the output: aptcache search libreofficehelp libreofficehelpca office productivity suite Catalan help libreofficehelpcs office productivity suite Czech help libreofficehelpda office productivity suite Danish help libreofficehelpde office productivity suite

sudo aptget remove libreoffice Installation Heres how to install LibreOffice 5. 0 in Debian, Ubuntu. 04 and derivatives (e. g. Elementary OS FreyaLuna, Linux Mint). sudo apt update; sudo apt distupgrade. The upgrade process will remove the old libreofficegtk package, install the new libreofficegtk2 via command: sudo apt install libreofficegtk2 libreofficegnome. 3. (Optional) Uninstall LibreOffice 5. 2. If for some reason you want to downgrade LibreOffice to the stock version available in main Ubuntusudo apt-get install libreoffice-help-de sudo aptget install xfce4# Optional stuff sudo aptget install xfce4terminal sudo aptget install gnomeiconthemefull tangoicontheme. or# MATE sudo aptget install matecore matedesktop

sudo aptget install How to remove installed packages with aptget. Its not that you can only install packages with aptget. You can also remove packages with it. All you need to do is to use the command in this manner: sudo aptget remove Autocompletion works here as well. sudo apt-get install libreoffice-help-de @dhiya yes it does have a look at the PPA in question it holds LO 5 packages and the upgrade process as described in the answer will install that over your existing LO installation. fossfreedom Aug 5 '15 at 11: 18 After this a normal aptget install should install the latest 4. 0 version on launchpad. If not the aptcache search should indicate which are available there. Edit: Another way is to download the deb file(s) manually and then use aptget to install them from the folder where you saved it. If I can manage the installuninstall using aptget, that would be the best. However, I get a very old version of LibreOffice using Ubuntu's default aptget. How to uninstall Libreoffice on Ubuntu in terminal? [closed edit. ubuntu. uninstall. terminal. sudo aptget remove purge libreoffice 2. If installed from deb package: sudo dpkg Dec 25, 2016 Using packages from supported Ubuntu repositories ensures you get the best assistance as this is the recommended method to install and use LibreOffice in Ubuntu. Full installation Performing a full installation is the recommended way to install LibreOffice in Ubuntu.

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Sudo apt-get install libreoffice-help-de free